31 de July 2018

Alejandro Kunstmann returned from Germany full of knowledge and new brewing ideas

What motivated you to get this certification in Europe? What was it?

Certainly, the first reason was to improve technical knowledge in the elaboration process. Kunstmann Brewery philosophy has always been to seek perfection and quality and combine them with innovation. Other motivation was the possibility to share with other brewers from different countries. We had the possibility to exchange experiences and knowledge about this sector.

The VLB training program had a duration of six months and I had to study and deepen, both theoretically and practically, all areas related to brewing process. Therefore, I improved my knowledge from inputs, brewing technology, up to microbiological analysis in procedures.

What were the main experiences during this trip? What was the most striking?

I had the opportunity to live different experiences. On the one hand, the certification was my great challenge and, on the other hand, I was part of various activities mainly in Germany. I visited maltings, productions, hops plantations and participated in beer festivals.

The most outstanding experience was the Barcelona Beer Festival, where I had the opportunity to observe the Craft world in Spain and throughout Europe. This event shows level and potential of continent’s breweries.

What does the VLB Beer Master degree mean to you and to Kunstmann Brewery?

It means a satisfaction and, certainly, an important contribution to my professional development in the beer culture. But not only that, we will keep a continued training with commercial and innovation team to achieve technical knowledge in all brewery areas.

As Kunstmann Brewery, we feel it allows to continue advancing and differentiate ourselves through the real knowledge of beer, being able to promote it with consumers and customers.

What’s the position of Chile regarding the Craft movement development worldwide?

Chile is quite developed in the amount of beers and in the different varieties available in the market. What we need is to improve collaboration among brewers, a key subject to improve category and craft beers’ market. Progress means joint activities, which is the great gap missing in our country.

What are your challenges as Commercial leader of Kunstmann Brewery? What are your goals?

My challenges are to continue promoting mainly devoted to be focused on general innovation, starting with good beers, created with a deep and well-sustained level of development. Also, continue contributing with new beer experiences to all consumers, in specialties, knowledge, tastings, innovative bars, and others.

As a whole, what projects will you promote in the short, medium or long term?

The experimental series is something we want to promote strongly, as well as high alcohol content special beers. We have already experimented with hops and malts, so we want to start testing with yeasts, not proved yet but we see it´s a great potential.