13 de March 2019

#8M: We made experimental brewing led by our women at The Brewery

To commemorate International Women’s Day, we wanted to develop pioneering initiative at brewery. It was a special collaborative cooking with women as protagonists, who participated in brewing process and chose ingredients for this symbolic experimental beer.

For centuries the beer was women’s affair. During prehistory, while men hunted, they were responsible for fermenting drink. However, with the arrival of industrial revolution, this practice was taken from women to start with machines. Thus, beer became a product made by and for men.

Nowadays, there are many women involved in the beer world and even more interested in specializing and becoming Master Brewers or Beer Sommelier. In our case, collaborative cooking was led by María Paz Calderón, currently ​​Development and Innovation Leader, who has worked at the brewery for over 6 years, reaching the objective of enhancing women’s role in brewing industry.

“I was happy with this first collaborative cooking by women in Kunstmann. As professional team, we prepared recipe, looked for ingredients and a beer profile that represented us. We hope it to be light and easy to drink beer, but we are basically interested in what is behind this initiative, showing that in a chauvinistic field, at least in Chile, opportunities by capability rather than by gender have slowly increased “said María Paz.   

Additionally to beer brewing, our collaborators had the opportunity to talk about their experiences in a social context, where women are currently inserted debating on different topics, such as equality, obstacles, fears, projects and roles so as to continue promoting a fair and equitable society.