19 de April 2018

5 reasons to welcome the world Bicycle’s Day

Other Bicycle’s Day will be celebrated on Thursday, April 19, to promote the use of bicycle for health benefits and contribute to the environment. Celebration encouraged by the increase of cycling adherents who reduce traffic and air pollution. If you still do not decide to change car by bicycle, we give you the best reasons to start this venture:

In Chile, there are various initiatives to promote the use of bicycle. The main one in Los Ríos Region, where a recharge station with 12 solar panels will be constructed for electric bicycles for tourists and people living in Valdivia. Project led by Kunstmann Brewery that make us the first non-electric company in Chile to develop such a large project.


If number of bicycles increases and vehicles decrease, surface wear will be reduced. Saving maintenance of bumpy roads could be reversed increasing number of bike paths. Additionally, large parking lots would not be required, promoting construction of urban parks or gardens.


If every day people went to work by bicycle, on approximate 20 kilometers trip, it would contribute to reduce gas emission, saving 1,500 kgs of greenhouse gases in a year.


Bicycle is accessible to everyone. Only 10% of world population has access to vehicle and 80% is estimated could have access to bicycle. The use of bicycle connects you with surroundings and the community, additionally you can interact with people that otherwise you would not.


Cycling improves brain capacity allowing better cardiorespiratory condition. It’s good for stress, synchronizing body’s biological rhythm allowing cholesterol level to be reduced. All fundamental factors for restful sleep.


Based on study carried out in Germany, cycling increase sales of local commerce in the city, due to better visibility of display windows and offers. On the other hand, bicycle is much cheaper than moving by car or public transport.